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The Instructor's Manual to
The Structure of English for Readers, Writers, and Teachers

Second Edition

Download the Instructor’s Manual here

Answers to Exercises
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Vocabulary of English
Chapter 3: Grammatical Categories or “Parts of Speech”
Chapter 4: The Pronunciation of English
Chapter 5: Spelling
Chapter 6: The Dictionary
Chapter 7: The Structure of Simple Declarative Sentences
Chapter 8: The Structure of Phrases
Chapter 9: Semantics: How Sentences Receive Meaning
Chapter 10: Tense, Aspect, Voice, and Modality
Chapter 11: Interrogatives, Exclamatives, and Imperatives
Chapter 12: Variation in English
Chapter 13: Coordination
Chapter 14: Subordination
Chapter 15: Presenting Information
Chapter 16: Semicolons, Colons, and Commas

Supplementary Material
Usage Guides, Old and New
Analyzing Children’s Spoken Language
Analyzing Literary Language: Some Things to Look For
Analyzing Student Writing
Some Possible Topics for Term Papers
Some Grammatical Issues for ESL Students
Pronunciation Issues for ESL Students