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Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Development:
Energy, Environment, and Health

About the General Editor

Dr. Bradley Striebig is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Gonzaga University. Dr. Striebig has over 10 years of experience in environmental systems engineering and research. Prior to accepting the position at Gonzaga, Dr. Striebig was the former Head of the Environmental Technology Group (ETG) at The Pennsylvania State University's Applied Research Laboratory. Over 7.3 million dollars in funding has been awarded to research efforts in which Dr. Striebig has collaborated or been the Principal Investigator. Dr Striebig is the author of over 30 technical publications on sustainable engineering systems, including advanced oxidation, biological control systems, waste management and odor control practices that describe his research.

While at Gonzaga Univeristy, Dr. Striebig founded the Gonzaga Chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Dr. Striebig worked with students to reduce pathogen exposure with sustainable and appropriate technology for a secondary school in Azové, Benin. Past students that worked with Dr. Striebig now work as professors, medical doctors, researchers, private consultants, and several former students work with state and federal regulatory agencies. Dr. Striebig's students have expressed that he was their best resource for providing direction on careers in sustainable development and engineering. Dr. Striebig is humbled by the achievements of many of these students, and is glad that he was able to help them achieve their goals.