Journal of Green Building

ISSN 1552-6100
Volume 7: Number 3: Summer 2012
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  • Rethinking How We Light at Night: Cutting Light Pollution for More Sustainable Nights
    W. Scott Kardel
  • From Your Car to Your Patio: Using Recycled Tire Products in Building Projects
    Brett Eckstein
  • Evaluating Window Insulation for Cold Climates
    Robbin Garber-Slaght and Colin Craven
  • Exploring the Diversity of Green Buildings
    Crystal Bornais
  • Water Independence: A Path Taken
    Joe Webb
  • The Cost of Managing Stormwater
    Joanna E. Allerhand, K. Brian Boyer, Jamie McCarthy, and Mark S. Kieser
  • Behaviour of Plastered Straw-Bale Assemblies Subjected to Three-Point Bending
    Michael Rakowski and Colin MacDougall
  • Measurement of the Efficiency of Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Under Various Operating Conditions
    S. E. Zubriski and K. J. Dick
  • Developing a Prefabricated Low-Carbon Construction System Using Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Panels for Multistorey Inner-City Infill Housing in Australia
    Steffen Lehmann
  • Using Life Cycle Assessment Methods to Guide Architectural Decision-Making for Sustainable Prefabricated Modular Buildings
    Jeremy Faludi, Michael D. Lepech, and George Loisos
  • A Framework for Application of System Engineering Process Models to Sustainable Design of High Performance Buildings
    Thomas F. Bersson, Thomas Mazzuchi, and Shahram Sarkani
  • Exploration of Critical External Partners of Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) Firms for Delivering Green Building Projects in Singapore
    Yuan Yuan Li, Po-Han Chen, David Ah Seng Chew, Chee Chong Teo, and Rong Gui Ding